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Golden State Athletic Club

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Little Ninjas - Ages 4-6   30min

Introductory Class

Learn the fundamentals of striking and grappling in a fun and safe group environment where your children can improve their focus, listening, coordination and build an appreciation for combat sports. Lessons taught with an emphasis on movement and games to train these young future fighters.

3x Classes per Week

Ninjas - Ages 7-14       60min

Beginner to Advanced

Build a real-life skill that is guaranteed to build confidence and discipline. Not only will your child move better and feel better but they will set up the rest of their adult lives with a knowledge of practical self-defense and combat sports. In this class, students focus on learning the striking systems of boxing and kickboxing as well as submission grappling from Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. 

5x Classes per Week



Our kids program supports youths from the ages 4-14. Classes are carefully structured to teach our style of Children's Martial arts in a safe and fun way that is age appropriate and emphasizes good technique and self-contrtol. Our ninjas earn belts to track their progress and stay motivated. Classes vary each day and may include stretching, conditioning, tumbling, and MMA in addition to our normal Kickboxing and BJJ curriculum.

Unlimited Classes 
$185 Month
Drop In

Big Title

Zero Bullies

Zero Bullies

Zero Bullies

Self defense

Mental and Physical 

No Hidden Fees

Registration $0

Belt Fees $0

Testing Fees $0

Self defense

Prepare your child for the rest of their life. Give them the confidence they need to succeed.

Modern Martial Arts

We teach a variety of techniques from Kickboxing, Wresting, and Jiu-Jitsu. 

Zero Bullies

We stand by a zero tolerance bully policy and integrate in our program.


All new students start with a free week! Come drop in on a class or call/email for more information!


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